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Can I send in a CV to register for future jobs?
CV’s are not accepted for permanent positions. Permanent positions will be advertised in the local press and on our website. To apply you must complete an application pack. Temporary support vacancies frequently arise within The Police Service of Northern Ireland, to register please contact us, or any local Grafton Recruitment branch.

I don’t have the qualifications/experience stated, should I still apply?
If you do not have the essential qualifications/experience stated in the personnel specification you will not be short-listed for an interview and cannot proceed through the application process.

How am I short-listed?
Short-listing is carried out on the basis of the information contained in your application form using the essential criteria of the personnel specification, and possibly the desirable criteria.
The short listing panel do not have access to any information other than what is on your application.

Can I apply for more than 1 job?
You are eligible to apply for any number of vacancies. We recommend that you quote the unique identification number you were allocated on your first application, on all your future applications.

I have previously applied directly to The Police Service of Northern Ireland, do I need to apply again through Grafton?
Yes. Grafton ESP is an independent agency with a contract to recruit support staff for The Police Service of Northern Ireland. As such only application forms received for specific posts will be considered in the recruitment and selection process.

Why do you need information on my community background?
In accordance with the Fair Employment and Treatment Order (N.I.) 1998 and the Fair Employment (Monitoring) Regulations (N.I.) 1999 employers in Northern Ireland have a statutory duty to monitor the composition of their workforce and of those applying to fill vacancies.
For 50/50 campaigns your community background will be used by the Chief Constable in the appointment of applicants to The Police Service of Northern Ireland Support Staff in accordance with the requirements of The Police (Northern Ireland) act 2000.

Do you use the information on community background to shortlist candidates?
No. Grafton ESP does not open the envelope containing information on your community background and do not have access to candidates community background. This information is sent to a separate monitoring office and is afforded a high degree of confidentiality.

I am already security cleared; do I have to complete another form?
If you have previously been security cleared through ESP then security clearance may not be necessary. However, if your security clearance has been carried out by another organisation you will be required to complete another security questionnaire.

What happens if my application form arrives after the closing date?
If your application pack is received after the closing date it cannot be accepted. Please note that returned application forms should be weighed prior to posting and please allow sufficient time to ensure your application arrives by the closing date.

How long will the process take?
After receiving your application form you will receive an acknowledgement letter within 48 hours. You will be then informed of whether or not you have been short listed within 2 weeks of the closing date. The time scale for each campaign varies therefore it would not be possible to give an exact answer as to how long the process will take. However we will endeavour to keep you informed of each stage by letter.

What if I don’t have the copies of my qualifications?
We require proof of qualifications to allow you to proceed through the application process. If you do not have copies of your qualifications please contact the school where you sat your examinations. If they cannot provide this information you should contact the appropriate examination board (you will be given a period of time to try and obtain these). If we do not receive copies of your qualifications your application will not be forwarded to The Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Can my interview/assessment be rescheduled?
Grafton ESP will try as far as possible to offer an alternative date or time for your interview/assessment. However this is not always feasible.

What do I bring to my interview?
The letter informing you of your interview date and time will state what you must bring to interview. This will normally include photographic identification, for example driving licence, copies of your qualifications or membership of professional organisations.

Who will be on the interview panel?
The interview panel may comprise of 2 to 3 individuals. There will be a member of the Grafton ESP Account Team on the interview panel and normally a member of The Police Service of Northern Ireland.

Who has access to my information?
Your information is kept on a secure database and is strictly confidential. Your details are available to security-cleared staff working on The Police Service of Northern Ireland contract within Grafton ESP and The Police Service of Northern Ireland themselves. Outsourced companies access your medical and community background information and the staff in these companies are also security cleared. They deal with your details with the strictest confidence.

What does the merit pool mean?
All applicants who successfully complete the assessment/interview and medical assessment will pass into a pool of merit, which will be passed to The Police Service of Northern Ireland. From this pool The Police Service of Northern Ireland will offer appointments depending on the number of positions available.

Will I be told my position in the merit pool?
You will not be told of your position in the merit pool. Grafton do not have access to information on your community background and therefore do not know your position in the merit pool.

I received notification of the merit pool but as yet haven’t heard anything?
When Grafton ESP informs you of your place in the merit pool, all information is passed to The Police Service of Northern Ireland. The Police Service of Northern Ireland will contact you regarding any offer of appointment.

If I don’t get appointed from the merit pool, do I need to reapply?
If you are not appointed from the merit pool then unfortunately you have been unsuccessful on this occasion. You may apply for any other posts that arise within The Police Service of Northern Ireland in the same way as before.

What do I do if I haven’t heard from Grafton ESP?
Grafton will send candidates a letter informing them of each stage of the process. Due to the large volume of applicants we are unable to put a timescale on the process. If you require an update please refer to the Application Tracker.

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